WALKtober Day 3 & 4

Day 3 : WALKtober New Park (on your BINGO card)

We don't give enough credit to the neighborhood parks we have around. Big parks, long trails, open spaces or well-known commons are on most of our lists for places to visit. But what about the neighborhood parks, the sports parks that are out there for families and workers nearby?

I took a break from my daily errands (an exciting day, because most of the days I'm at home nowadays), opened up the map app on my phone, and looked for some green spots nearby. Founds one and headed that way, maybe I did a mile back and forth. But I got to explore this park and now I know more about the amenities I found there and its name history.

Watch this video of my New Park adventure.

Daily Task

Today's WALKtober Challenge is to search for parks around you and visit, research one that you haven't in the past.

How to find a new park?

  • Open your map app from your smart phone and look for green spots
  • Search for a list of parks in your area, most likely your City should have a directory
  • There are books out there ;)
  • Ask on local social media groups (including our Walk2Connect Community group), including NextDoor

Once you found a park that you haven't been to before, pack your lunch or a snack, and go there (you're allowed to drive in its vicinity if the distance doesn't work for you), and explore: check amenities, check its history and where it got its name, eat your packed lunch and ... release your inner child (I love swings) :)

Also, note if this is a handicap accessible park. This can be useful information for all that are rolling and using a wheelchair, a scooter, pushing a stroller or biking.

Share with us your findings, we love to learn about your newly discovered parks. Remember: it has to be a park you will explore past today.

Day 4 : WALKtober NO-TECH Sunday (NOT on your BINGO card)

We encourage you to explore the idea of staying away from your media devices for a day (we'll suggest this for every Sunday in October). It's not easy, but you will see how liberating it can be to not pay attention to all the media, all the 'dings' your phone makes, even work emails that may be nagging. 

Maybe start with just limiting your screen time for a couple of hours, or turning off some apps you frequently check on. Of course, if Sunday is a work-day or you have that zoom with friends/family, go ahead and enjoy. Can you make a different day your no-tech day?


Until Monday!


Ana M. Lucaci, MPH

Owner, Madewalk www.made2walk.com