WALKtober Day 5

Day 5: WALKtober 1-Mile Radius (on your BINGO card)

There are so many benefits to moving the way we are made to move. In addition to mental, physical, and social health, we don't often connect how walking or rolling can bring great benefits to our communities, local businesses, and our impact on the environment.

For today's invitation, we are inviting you to spend more intentional time walking (or rolling) on the very streets, sidewalks, commercial roads, open spaces, and more that live right outside the front door of your home, office, grocery store, or other common destinations. 

*Depending on your pace and whether you walk or roll on a wheelchair, it could take 20-45 minutes to cover a mile in distance.

For those who already walk or roll as their primary form of transportation, you might invite this practice as a way to explore and listen to your community with a new lens. Go a different way, a quieter way, or a way that takes you through a nearby park or next to flowing water.

If you drive as your primary form of transportation, invite the challenge of replacing car trips (or partial car trips) with walking/rolling within a one-mile radius of your home, workplace, school, or other various practical (or commonly visited) destinations. Yes, try to replace an errand or practical trip! ...or experiment with what this would be like.

The graphic above is to simply offer a way of visualizing how you might create this 1-mile circle or boundary using a cutout and an online mapping system. 

Daily Task:

Today's WALKtober Challenge is to replace a car trip (or partial car trip) and more intentionally connect to local businesses, neighbors, residential streets, commercial corridors, schools, alleys, trees, public art, and everything living right outside places you live, work, and commonly visit.

How to start?

  • Option 1: Use an online map. Type in the address or intersection. Then add a destination. See what is roughly a mile away. You might try using the Google Maps 'Measure Distance' feature (click here for support). Then print the map and draw a rough circle from that 1-mile location around your home. That's your radius! Take it with you and explore.
  • Option 2: Just go (from home, office, bank, library, school) and time yourself walking 15-30 minutes in one direction. From there, turn around and come back a different way if you can or if you have extra time, explore the area and try to stay within a mile of your starting location.
    • Visit/make note of local businesses, especially ones you haven't visited before.
    • Wave and connect to neighbors.
    • Notice the trees and plants that grow near you.
    • Notice the safety and accessibility of your own area. Are there bus stops? Are they safe? Accessible?

For some, especially those who live in more rural or suburban areas, you might take a bus, get dropped off, or drive part of the way to your office, local library, grocery store, or park and walk within a 1-mile circle of that location. 

Be mindful of how much more connected we all might be if we more intentionally walking or rolling within this one-mile radius. If you primarily drive, you might even start parking your car 1-mile away from where you are going. This can become such a meaningful (and healthy!) ongoing practice.

In peace,

Jonathon Stalls

Artist, Intrinsic Paths & Pedestrian Dignity

Founder & Movement Owner,