WALKtober Day 6: Hello Notes

Day 6: Hello Notes 


Instructions for the task today (<5 min)


Daily Task:

Today's WALKtober Challenge is to write hello notes. 

Option 1: Short Notes Go out on your walk with sticky notes (or little note cards) and a pen. Write sweet notes (no hidden agenda). 

Here are a few examples: 

Option 2: Know your neighbors

Maybe you want to write a little longer notes to get to know your neighbors better or gratitude notes to the neighbors you know well.
*Maybe invite them to walk with you because you are doing this wild fun WALKtober challenge. 

Option 3: Walk & write

Write that letter you have been meaning to write. Maybe it is a gratitude letter, reconnecting with a distant family member or friend, or even a forgiveness letter. 
On this walk, think about this person and what you want to say to them. Stop and write it out. 

I can't wait to see your creativity shine here. Share on Facebook or email [email protected] to share directly with me. 

Sarah Schwallier

Personal Trainer & Nature Walking Health Coach, Strides Life & Co-Op Owner of Walk2Connect 


If you haven't already received your BINGO card, please reach out & we will get you one. CLICK HERE, to check out our WALKtober Introduction video if you want to better understand the 'rules'.