WALKtober Day 7

Day 7: Nature Mandala (on your Bingo Card)

Daily Task:

Today's WALKtober Challenge is to create a Nature Mandala. 

Mandalas come to us from Eastern meditation traditions found in Tibet, China, and Japan. Mandalas represent the inner journey into connection with the Cosmos. Today, you are invited to create a Nature Mandala. This mindful practice in Nature will attune you to the vibrancy of life which flows through all human and more than human beings. Mandalas remind us to be in the flow of Life... to be unattached to outcomes, assumptions, expectations, sufferings, joys, strivings--all will pass and all will be well. 

To create your own Nature Mandala, follow these simple steps:

1.  Tune-in and Gather: Go to a natural place to wander, such as a nearby park, your backyard, an Open Space, or your favorite trail. Tune into your heart and feel Nature touch you. Settle into your breath, tune into the sensations of your body as Nature connects with you. What do you feel? Hear? See? Smell? Taste? When ready, let Nature tug you.... Where does the Land guide you today? As you wander, gather natural objects/materials that call your attention while you walk.

2.  Select your spot: Find a flatish place to create and lay out your treasures! Brush off an area for your creation. 

3.  Create: Take note of your body. If you desire, set an intention. What are you offering the Earth and its human and more than human beings as you create this mandala? Begin to lay out your creation. Settle in to the moment. See what stirs within you as you begin your mandala. Let it take its shape. Be present to all the sensations of your body and what is around you. Notice everything. Cats are optional. Obviously, he took his role as "Guardian of the Mandalas" very seriously.


4.  Walk Away: When you are done, take a moment to enjoy your creation and present state. What do you notice? How is your body? Mind? Soul? What wisdom does Nature have for you today? With gratitude for the gifts given to you, offer the mandala as a gift to the Earth, then mindfully walk away. Let Nature take its course....

5. Share the Beauty: Post a photo of your mandala on our WALKtober FB Group. If you want, let us know what your intention was as you created your mandala.

With gratitude,

Maria Rosa Galter

Nature-Connected Life Coach and Soul Guide

Core-Owner of Walk2Connect Co-op and Founder of Walking Inspiritus