WALKtober Day 9

Welcome to WALKtober Day 9

Today's theme is all about trees... the ones that live right out your front door, in nearby parks, on local streets, next to trails, anywhere! I've also included an audio Tree Meditation here and below that can accompany your movement if you want to try being mindfully guided.

We want you to be extra attentive and present to these amazing life forms that keep us breathing and existing. For those in the Facebook group, I can't wait for us to fill the feed with trees! 

Day 9: WALKtober Tree Meditation

We want you to take some intentional time to be with the details of roots, tree trunks, bark, branches, colorful/changing leaves, and all the other beautiful life-giving (literally) aspects of trees. ; ) 

Daily Tasks:

Guided Meditation: If you have an additional 15-20 minutes alongside your walk or roll, consider bringing headphones and listening to this guided audio meditation that I created which can deepen your connection to one particular tree (or many) that might be speaking to you. The meditation guides you right from the beginning of your walk, so feel free to press play right when you start or whenever you feel ready to do so. 

Intention & Presence: If the guided meditation isn't a fit, no problem. ; ) Be encouraged to create your own intention practice. Spend time looking UP and noticing how the branches reach, bend, twist, and play in the sky. Spend time feeling the bark and notice the different textures and colors. Spend time picking up fallen leaves and notice the veins and patterns.

More than anything, we want you to slow things down so you can be with, notice, breathe with, and source wisdom from the details of these amazing life-giving friends of ours.

Towards the trees...

Jonathon Stalls

Artist, Intrinsic Paths & Pedestrian Dignity